18 Sep 11 Work Sucks, need a major backpacking fix

It seems our little trip to the Weminche didn’t fully quinch my Colorado withdrawal.  Was about a few hours from booking a trip to Bellingham to hike with Rich (geardog) in the cascades or whatever, around Mt Baker, when work got in the way.

Push it to the first week in October?  Maybe, but I hate to hike all day in the rain.  I was thinking about this, geardog sends me photos of a great hike he was doing in the washington mountains, the sun is shining, massive wildflowers, green grass.  Then I thought,  geardog can just look out his window, check the 3 day forecast and grab his pack, no need to risk $700 on a round trip cross county flight.

So I ask him about meeting in Aspen for a redux on the 4 pass loop, check the aspen forecast, it’s frikken snowing!  God Damn, already?  Did they only have a 7 week hiking season this year?

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