Cold Mountain next

This friday our hiking meetup group (obsessive compulsive backpackers) is heading out for Cold Mountain (Jefferson N Forest), hiking in at night, departing Newport News at 1900, stopping in charlottesville for snacks then on to the trailhead.  About a 1 mile hike to the camp site.  Plan is for a day hike to Pleasant Mtn hike.  The hike out links up with the tree tunnel aka the ‘AT’ at around pig or hog something shelt and winds about 6 miles up over Cole (that’s right Cole mountain), nobody knows why the difference, the name on the USGS quad is cole mtn; and down to the parking lot.

Hiked this in Feb 10, had a summer pad and froze my ass off!  Also made a rookie mistake of leaving the cap on my water bottle, which froze solid.  However, I was smart enough to pour water into my pot the night before, although it froze I was able to just put it on the stove and thaw it out and make breakfast.

Anywho…I’ll be making biscuits in my bakepacker, with SAUSAGE!! (frozen turky patties!)

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