Saturday, 8 October 2011 7 days to ‘three ridges’ hike

I just ordered a steri-pen from REI, (thurs); the very next day, the send me a note for 20% off 1 item; so I call them, the items haven’t shipped, so I ask for the discount.  They say, nope, sorry; so I have to send it back next week, and I had to order a new one today to get the discounts,  this sucks.

Experimented with making biscuits again this morning in the kitchen.  Cooked 5 normal refrigerator biscuits in a zip lock, on the the ‘bake-packer’, put the 5 remaining in a zip lock to see how they keep for tomorrow.  If I carry a 5 pack on the trail, cook 3 on saturday, how will the remaining 2 keep for cooking on sunday?  I guess if it’s cool or cold it will be ok.

My new obsession is revamping my short hike backpacking meals, balancing weight with flavor.  More on that later…

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