Countdown to ‘three ridges’ hike (phil-osophy -it’s always countdown to the next hike)

You may think I’m kidding.  It seems I’m always planning for my next hike.  Ok, here’s a phil-osophy for everyone, and I’ve shared this many times. 

Everyone should have two events on the horizon to look forward to. 

One giant event – the big hike to Colorado, or family trip to Rome, or Orlando, this is needed to keep you looking forward to a huge HAPPY life event;

BUT!  you also need smaller closer-in event goals to keep you going in the near term, a next week or next month goal – or you go crazy waiting for the large goal next summer. 

My long term goal this year?  Another Colorado hike in August and a Orlando trip in May (go see Universals’ Harry Potter stuff); short term goals;  a hike this weekend and maybe the week after that, a college football game perhaps.  Starting to obsess over planning several winter/snow hikes.

OK, enough of that crap;  My REI order came it (getting ready for the next hike…), so I now have to return the steripen (because I got a 20% off coupon for the columbus day weekend, so I had to (and did reorder, but saved $20).  Also got a inflatable seat pad (it’s always something isn’t it?) (yes, I saw this on others and coveted it), not sure if the next steripen will be in before friday, that sucks.

Bought some pepperoni and mild cheddar cheese, sliced it up, ziplocked it, for lunch on the trail, oh, and some fritos, I give in to all my baser urges for salt and fat on the trail.  That probably explains my obsession with perfecting sausage biscuits cooked in a camp pot!

Maps are ready, but I forgot where I put it, I forget something almost every trip.

fingers are tired, out here.

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