Back from three ridges, Vic Reed’s Gap & AT/Blue Ridge Parkway, Va

Back, alive, feet a little sore due to the rocky parts of day 3.

Leaves changing color, temps perfect, no incidents to report   ….except…for….the….hiker….who…..showed…..up…..knowing  he was missing

1.  boots 2. stove  3.  bowl   4. cup  5.  sleeping pad 6.  bag for the season 7. canteen/water bottle 8. water purifier 9. matches/firestarter

So….being a great guy I offer my stove up to boil water on the condition he brings an extra fuel bottle, so when my fuel is gone*, he pulls out his fuel canister – and the fucking thing is so rusted we can’t clean it to attach my stove!!! AAARHGGGG!!!

* Ok, just a little my fault for running out of fuel, I used 25 minutes for my coffee+sausage+ biscuits on saturday (yum), and then I warmed up burito mix, then cooked a giant banana muffin for everyone Sat night (double yum) but I had to put it back on for 10 additional minutes for 20+10 min cooking time, then my poor small canister was done!  Now at least I know for sure I can get 60 minutes out of that size canister, but needed 70! 

Anyway, ‘trailsurfer’ , the third member of our party, had an alcohol stove and boiled me some water for coffee sunday morning.  A valuable lesson, sigh.

About 30 scouts whooping it up at Harper creek shelter area, but we found a great site along the creek up from the hut.  The sound of the water falling masked the little kiddies noise.

Rant – Who goes on a hike knowing they’re missing all that stuff?  I will say there was no complaining – at -all, so kudo’s to Mr Forgetfull for that, who also worked for at least an hour, but in the end got the fire started (with my firestarter).  But that was one-and-done for me; I kept thinking about the guide “nothing is provide for you”.  Let me be clear, this stuff was not forgotten, It was declared (via several phone calls to me in route the the pick up) that this stuff was ‘missing’ or couldn’t be located, but ‘what the heck’, will go anyway, lord.

I guess I doth protest too much, ’cause it all worked out and everybody had a great time.

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