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Biscuit test, getting ready for the trail!

I wanted to know how a can of refridgerated biscuits would hold up over two days (i.e. opened on day 1, partially consumed; then remainder cooked on day 2).

I put the 5 remaining out of a ten pack into a zip lock and put in the fridge (not freezer); I know this is not a good test right now, fridge is about 40F, this weekend will probably be in the 60’s.

Anyway, it seemed to work out ok, Dee enjoyed them immensly. 

Used the same pot to heat up pre-cooked jimmy dean sausages, then used a 1″ sq scouring pad to clean the pot.

Only trouble with the cooking/cleaning process is using up a lot of fuel, plus the 5 pack of pillsbury “grands” weigh about 14 oz, yikes!  Only for weekend hikes!

BTW, I tried all this in June, the temps were probably in the upper 80’s at the campsite, so I tried to keep the biscuits cool in a creek, anyway, the can popped open, and dough got all gooey, was only able to retrieve about 7 of the 10 in that can.

Saturday, 8 October 2011 7 days to ‘three ridges’ hike

I just ordered a steri-pen from REI, (thurs); the very next day, the send me a note for 20% off 1 item; so I call them, the items haven’t shipped, so I ask for the discount.  They say, nope, sorry; so I have to send it back next week, and I had to order a new one today to get the discounts,  this sucks.

Experimented with making biscuits again this morning in the kitchen.  Cooked 5 normal refrigerator biscuits in a zip lock, on the the ‘bake-packer’, put the 5 remaining in a zip lock to see how they keep for tomorrow.  If I carry a 5 pack on the trail, cook 3 on saturday, how will the remaining 2 keep for cooking on sunday?  I guess if it’s cool or cold it will be ok.

My new obsession is revamping my short hike backpacking meals, balancing weight with flavor.  More on that later…

Cold Mountain after action report

We met up in newport news, I drove with James, Megan and Karen.  We met Jimmie Severs with Micki, and their dogs, who drove separately.

We were talking about something or other and missed the turn into Charlottesville, so we continued up to Sheetz gas station for snacks, then on to the trailhead.

It had been raining monster crazy in Hampton when we left so we were concerned about hiking/setting up wet.

We got to the trailhead between 10-11 pm (not sure because it was 2 weeks ago), it wasn’t raining but it was dark.  We hiked up to the little clearing about, 3/4 mile, and set up the tents.

Morning was overcast and ‘danky’.  I made sausage biscuits, using my bake-packer and instead of hogging it all, I shared with everyone.  It went pretty well.

We then hiked up to Mt Pleasant, foggy, tree tunnels, no views anywhere, (what was the point?)  hope springs eternal.  Anyway…hiked back down, swung by the parking lot and re-filled water bladders for dinner and breakfast, then back to camp.

I forgot totillas so I had to eat my old el paso taco mix by itself, it was good.  Also forgot salsa, so it was a little dry.

Made a giant ‘blue berry muffin’ in the the bake packer, man it was tasty!  Had brought some butter which made it taste even better, shared it, it was a pretty good success!

We made a campfire, but just small talk, no booze frenzy this time!  No hole-to-hole, the game ‘Megan-sherpa’ brought back from Nepal.

Rained like hell all  night.  Ate breakfast under tent vestibule, rain broke, so we decided to bail out on hiking over cold (cold) mtn, so we just hiked back down to the cars and  that was that.

The 2 dogs, Shadow and Nylah were great, friendly, obedient, playful, just a lot of fun to have around.

The video I made is on youtube (search ‘thephilipreed’)