Getting Ready for “Ramsey’s Draft” hike, @18 Nov 2011.

Some short random notes.

I’m getting ready for a hike in Va called “ramsey’s draft” named after a creek of the same name.  It’s about 16 miles, 10 or 11 the first day, 5 or 6 the next.

Did it in March or April of 2011 to see if I could still do a 10 mile day.  I was quite surprized that it turned out to be not such a big deal.  Took my time and strolled.  It was cold and foggy so I only needed a parka to keep warm during the hike which is about 2 miles to get up on a ridge then the rest of that ridge with very minimal ups and downs.

The trip can be seen on the web site, scroll down for my little report.

I announced the trip 2 of my 4 meetup groups, dedicated to backpackers, one group has about 200 members, the other about 500!  But only 1 person signed up.  I’m starting to think that most people who sign up for these groups are looking for singles meetups instead of the purported purpose of arranging backpacks so one doesn’t always have to go solo.

I’m looking at buying a jetboil sol system at 10.5 oz vs my pocket rocket w/pot w/windscreen ~15.5 oz, also looking at the new thermarest neo-air all season pad at @18 oz vs my 20 yr old therma rest self inflating at 40oz (2.5lbs!!!!);  like my wife says, what are you waiting for? (you gotta love that!)

But last time I placed an order, REI started another 20% sale the very next day, so this time I’m going to wait it out.

Back to Ramsey’s draft;  the plan calls for a stream crossing to the campsite on Friday night, this will most likely be in the dark, so should be very interesting.  As I remember, the “draft” wasn’t very deep, but it was very wide!

I got a little distracted from my Maroon Bells trip report but should return soon to it.

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