22 Nov 2011, field notes

1.  Ramsey’s Draft was trey successfull, but it kicked my ass, as I was overall very tired, on the Saturday leg. 

1.1  My legs never seemed tired though, so I don’t need to change my winter work out, primarily hitting a 15 degree treadmill at 2.5 mph, for 60 minutes at a shot almost every other day -this kicks ass!  My summer daylight workout is to walk 2 miles at lunch and 5 miles after work, and a month before the hike, start wearing a 35lb pack on the 5 mile daily walk.

2.  Just got my permits (geardog and myself) to hike the Grand Canyon for  5 nights starting 6 March, Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim on the corridor trails. YEAH!  My son Bill, who lives in Phoenix, aka DJ William F** Reed, or, ‘the professor’, might go with, if permits can be had

3.  Crabtree Falls/The priest combo trip next up for December.  4 have signed up and I don’t have confirmed vision of the trail head where I plan on us “stealth camping” on Friday night.

4.  My steripen WAS working at Ramsey’s Draft, the flashing green light meant GOOD, not BAD, Icouldn’t remember at the time if the green light was to flash or be solid for a successful filtering (flashing is good, RED light = bad), so if I get sick it won’t be from that.

5.  The jetboil worked like a charm, at only 10.5 oz it was a hit.  Works best in a solo situation, or where you’re just going to boil water, which it did EXTREMELY FAST, 2 cups = 2 min, (I timed it of course)

6.  The problem with my Garmnin GPS, was low batteries, including my backups, not any system malfunction, I feel like such a jerk – low batteries??? That was smart, jackass.

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