Notes 4 Feb 2012

1.  In training for Grand Canyon hike 6 March.  S. Rim-to-Cottonwood-to-Rim.

5 Nights.  Camp 1 – Indian Garden, Camp 2 – Bright Angel, Camp 3 – Cottonwood, Camp 4 Bright Angel, Camp 5 Indian Garden.

Have reserved a steak dinner and breakfast at Phantom Ranch on the return leg.  I know, this is like cheating, ok, it is cheating.  Geardog’s wife Lisa, is taking the donkey ride down and staying 1 night at phantom, their going to sneak me into their cabin. In case you were wondering, the steak dinner in the canyon runs just under $50, ouch.

2.  Geardog and I have 2 more hikes on the horizon, Wonderland trail, cascade NP, circumnavigates Mt Rainier, 95 miles(?) 9-11 days, 1 food cache.  He’s trying to get the permits for early July.

Next up is our annual pilgrimage to Colorado, 4-Pass Loop, Maroon Bells, Aspen.  Can’t wait.

Here’s the link to photos at picasa:

2 thoughts on “Notes 4 Feb 2012

  1. Phil Reed's Hikes Post author

    Basically 3 primary things. 1. A treadmill at my gym, inclined 15 degrees, at 2.5mph for 60 min. This gave me 2000′ elev gain in 60 min. Just gym clothes and tennis shoes.
    2. 5 mile walks after work starting a few months before.
    3. 5 miles full pack walks about 3 times a week starting about 6 wks outs.
    Had absolutely no problems coming out of the grand canyon, with pack, 3000′ elev gain from Indian Garden, 4 miles (did it in 3.5 hrs, w crampons due to the ice)


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