Grand Canyon Random After Thoughts…

Sitting here drinking my Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey, it occurs to me to record some of my after action stuff from this past hike:

1.  1 pair of socks for every 2 days, else we get the big stink

2.  NO MORE M&M’s, or bulk candy, or soups; lack of apetite each and every trip for snacks.

3.  Read the fucking instructions for the steri-pen so I know what the red light means.

4. Make sure to “over trim” my big toe nails (I know this is gross, but it’s important) to eliminate the possibility of my toes jamming into the front of my boots on long downhills.  I didn’t have this problem my last couple of trips to Colorado, like I did several years ago in the New Hampshire Whites, but going down the 1st 2 days in the Grand Canyon apparently jammed by 2 big toes, I never even noticed it until the second night in my tent, when my right nail begain to swell and I had to drain it.  I wasn’t trying to drain it, but while trimming it down it began to ‘leak’, but it did relieve pressure.  They are both now bruised but healing, but look pretty gross.

5.  Both my legs were sore after the downhill portion of the hike, and I ran out of acetomenophine, take(pack) about 3 per day (which btw is the max dosage).

6.  Think about taking binoc’s to Colorado (next up Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop).

7.  Took but didn’t use my thermarest ‘chair’, Grand Canyon campsites have picnic tables.  They also provide giant (20mm) old air force or army ammo cans, 2 at each campsite, to store food.  This is a simple and brilliant solution to food storage.

8.  I bought a stetson crushable hat while at the GC, looks great!  Great for sun and rain protection, but can be hot.

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