New Rant coming soon…

I’m sick and tired of people telling others ” you need to strip down” in your sleeping bag to stay warm.  This makes me absolutely crazy!!!  Common sense, logic, and science are completely ignored, resulting in total shit advice.

I’ll lay it all out for debate very soon!

comments appreciated.

ps.  the blog people say the best blogs are deliberately confrontational, posting definite views, not being wishy washy


encouraging comments!

3 thoughts on “New Rant coming soon…

  1. mrakun

    yeah that’s total bs. if you have more clothes are you’re going to be warmer, unless you replace that clothes layer with a liner of equivalent warmth

  2. Shoeless

    To heck with other people’s opinions. Hike your own hike. If it works for you then it’s not wrong. What I always suggest to my bp101 students is to change into a completely different outfit when getting in your sleeping bag. First off it keeps it cleaner, but the main reason is even though you don’t realize it your clothes are still holding moisture from you sweating during hiking. The moisture will cool you down during the night, so to stay warmer you want dry clothes.

  3. Phil Reed's Hikes Post author

    That’s exacty one of my points also, you need to remove any wet or damp clothing. Heat is obtained by the warming of dead air space next to your skin, wet clothes prevent this!


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