Backpacking Heroes! A Shout Out to a Few Budding ‘Mountaineers’ Who Inspire Me!

This is a ‘shout out’ to some wonderful people I’ve had the great pleasure to hike with during the past few months.  We’ve had some extremely cold weather, darkness, longer than expected days, steep trails, rain, and more rain, water crossings, and hot weather etc.; but these folks have made it a real pleasure and have unknowingly motivated me if ever I was feeling tired and down.

Biscuit – Always happy. Experienced.  Willing to share.  Great companion on the trail! Oh, almost forgot, makes fantastic sausage and egg biscuits and will actually bring them to your tent to get you to wake up!  My Hero!


Sherpa – Always happy, super strong hiker, shares knowledge, willing to learn, buys beer!


Crockett – Great trail companion, always happy, shares experiences, super strong hiker.


Trail Surfer – fantastic trail logic, wise, helpful, tells great stories.


Condor – Super hiker, very wise, shares experience, always helpful!

And last but not least,

Squirrel!  Great trail companion, fantastic attitude, always helpful, great compassion, willing to learn!


3 thoughts on “Backpacking Heroes! A Shout Out to a Few Budding ‘Mountaineers’ Who Inspire Me!

  1. meghanlamoreaux

    Finally, I can leave snarky comments as I just signed up for a wordpress account. Thank you for recommending wordpress by the way. What a great group to hike with! Very kind of you to say some nice things about folks you travel with. When are we going backpacking again? Maybe we should be called the backpacking junkies instead of OCB.

  2. Crockett

    Thanks! In just one months time, we’ve had some great hikes! Can’t wait to hit the trail with y’all again!


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