Proof That I’m Insane!

Exhausted in a hut, somewhere in the Swiss Alps

Backpacking – Illegally- and exhausted, somewhere in a valley in the German Alps.  Winter time so you can pitch you tent near a hut and eat on the porch!

 Exhausted after unable to pitch tent on the trail, somewhere on a hillside on the German-Austria border

Too exhausted to bend over and pick up ski pole after finally finding hut in a white out, somewhere very high up on a Swiss Glacier.

 Where is the goddamn trail! WTF am I doing here?… preparing to be totally exhausted and breaking into a high altitude shepards’ hut for refuge, somewhere in Austria.   

Badly out of shape, unable to sleep in hut, unable to continue, on failed attempt on the Duforspitze, Zermatt, Switzerland


falling, falling, and falling again, getting exhausted, roped ski climb, above Saas Fee, Swiss Alps


Backpacking (illegally) in a forest in the German Alps, trying to crawl under a tree, exhausting

Exhausted, in the rain, on the AT, in New Hampshire.

Exhausted, once again, by the AT in New Hampshire!

This is the F***ing AT in New Hampshire, and I wasn’t in shape for it.  Another trip, another beating! 🙂

Looking pretty beat (and wet) after reaching top of Mt Washington, New Hampshire.  In just a few hours both my legs would be cramping, and of course, I would be exhausted!

6 thoughts on “Proof That I’m Insane!

  1. Rich Pedersen

    For every photo there was someone else behind the camera who was just as crazy. Lots of epic trips with great stories. It fits the definition of Type II fun, not fun to do but fun to talk about later.

    1. Phil Reed's Hikes Post author

      Yes Indeed, my dear friend ‘Geardog’ took most of these photos, I think it has been his long term goal to see just how much torture I could endure, for he is strong and I am weak.

      1. Rich Pedersen

        Torture it is not. Pushing your limits and expanding your abilities it is. Every day is a school day and I was learning along with you. Maintaining communication between fellow travelers, looking for changes from normal behavior, setting realistic goals, studing the trip before leaving, planning for good and bad, all these are learned with experience.

  2. Crockett

    Where can I find some of those knickers???? Let’s bring that style back! …Sorry…just lost my mind for a second.

    Those look like some awesome trips (illegally). 😉


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