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Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip #3 May 2015

Well, we’re back!  Six days and five nights of hiking the Grand Canyon Corridor trails!

Here the link to all the photos I took,

Full trip report soon!

The trip went something like this, well, pretty much like this; I awoke with my little dog Fergie barking her head off to someone pounding on the front door, I looked at my clock, it was 3 a.m., the time Jen and I were supposed to leave my house for the Airport in Richmond, about an hour and twenty minute ride.

Well, my alarm didn’t go off, but I was up and able to be out the door in about 15 minutes.  We arrived in plenty of time to check in and make our flight.

We made it to Phoenix around 10 a.m. and linked up with Jimmy and his son Justin.  It was then off to the rental car center to find out that the van I had confirmed was not a van and another $150 was required to get a van, or ‘van like’ vehicle, bringing the costs from about $360 to $500, man was I pissed.

So anyway, we got a gigantic Chevy Suburban and off we went.  First stop was any Phoenix Walmart for some fuel canisters and any last minute food supplies.

It was 97F in Phoenix and felt great (for a little while) compared to the freezer treatment on the plane.

The great thing about the drive from Phoenix at about 2000′ or so to the Grand Canyon South Rim (6600′) is how dramatically the landscape changes from huge cacti to high prairie, to scrub Juniper forests, to dramatic lodge pole pine forests at higher elevations.

The large mountain behind Flagstaff was snow capped, which amazed us to no end.

By the time we arrive at the south rim the temps had dropped from the high 90’s  to 50-60F with winds bringing a good wind chill, jackets on!

First order of business after checking into the Bright Angel Lodge, was stealthily setting up Jen’s new tent so she could apply some seam sealant.

I take that back, the real first order of business was, after parking the ARK, was walking thru the Bright Angel Lobby out to the South Rim retaining wall and spending a few minutes enjoying watching everyone’s jaw drop upon seeing the canyon in all it’s glory for the first time.  In truth, my jaw drops every time I see it.  It’s always like the first time.  Every time we walked along the sidewalk, we were compelled to stop and take MORE photo’s of the same views, only a little bit to the right or to the left of the last view!

In plain sight, 3000′ below, Indian Garden camp, with its green Cottonwood trees contrasting with the high desert below.  Tomorrows goal.

(to be continued)