The Over Mountain Group – OMG

The Over Mountain Group was founded on 15 July 2015 to recognize backpackers who have endured exceptionally poor weather and trail conditions, while backpacking, for at least five or more nights.

OMG members are authorized to wear  the distinctive bandana of white edelweiss on a dark blue background or background of their choice, embroidered with the letters O.M.G..

The Edelweiss is the internationally recognized symbol of those who travel on foot in the mountains.

The name Over Mountain Group was inspired by the Overmountain Men.  The Overmountain Men were American frontiersmen from west of the Appalachian Mountains who took part in the American Revolutionary War.

The six founding members are Drag’n, Purl, Buff, Pyro, Gunny, and Suds.

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