Winter Rants Dec 2017

I haven’t been blogging much, but I have been spending a huge amount of time working on hiking videos.  As you learn more about video editing, it seems the more you have to do!

Instead of linking individual videos, here’s a link to my youtube channel, please subscribe!

I bought a zpacks duplex last Dec (2016), it replaces my Tarptent Notch (which I loved) but its zipper vestibule doors blew open during an all night windstorm while camping at the Campbell Shelter at McAfee Knob on the AT in the Catawba Valley in Virginia, November 2016.  That really pissed me off and I decided to sideline that tent for a while, good thing it wasn’t raining.


The duplex gives me twice the interior room and weighs over 10 oz less (OMG!!) (Weight not including ground cloth and stakes).

Back to the Notch for a sec.  Tarptents has a video about cleaning and repairing the zippers.  So I cleaned and squeezed the zippers, and they seem to work well once more.  I loaned the Notch to my son for a backpacking trip to Bridger Wilderness August 2017 and he didn’t have any issues.

I’ve been using Hoka One One trail runners since summer 2016 and it’s been working well.  I’ll probably get a pair of Merrill’s in the event it ever snows again here in VA.


Unfortunately, JMT No. 3 for summer 2017 was cancelled due to the record snowfall in the Sierras. I just wanted a nice clear walk, not a post-holing, pass down climbing, stream snow bridge crossing, stream flooding crossing adventure.  Getting too old for that shit.  Been there, done that (sorry).

So…now planning JMT 2018 Version! And hoping for ‘moderate’ snow in the Sierras this winter.  As I write this (8 Dec 17), horrible, out of control wildfires are ravaging SOCAL, shame the record snowfall doesn’t do anything to mitigate the fire conditions.

My lower back went out (spasms, tightening, pain) just as I got back from Wyoming last August.  I was sidelined for about a month.  The medicine I got worked wonders and I was good go almost immediately.  However, the 2nd day on meds, I was backpacking Three Ridges Loop, here on the VA AT, when I found myself picking myself up off the rocks twice in a 1/2 mile stretch.  The second fall headfirst into the rocks.  I remember thinking about it as my head seemed to fly in slow motion into the rocks,  Very scary. Yep, it was the meds, side effects.  I guess it’s time to stop blowing off the side effect info you get with prescriptions meds!


Went on a nice fall loop at Mt Rogers NRA/Grayson Highlands State Park.  Saw the leaves changing colors, the horses, and most especially, the herd of Texas Longhorn Cattle.


Went back to western Virginia late November (2017) and did a hike form Grayson Highlands (Thomas Knob shelter on the AT), to Damascus, VA.  Four days, three nights, down into the lower 30’s at night.  Hiked on the AT to the Lost Mountain Shelter, and then just past that got on the Virginia Creeper Trail for the rest of the trip into Damascus.  Did not get the freezing rain we usually get doing this trip in May.

The 13 miles up and over White Top Mountain, between the 2 shelters was rough, at least the part dropping a couple of thousand feet off the mountain was, primarily due to the leaves piled up on the trail, meaning you had to be extra careful to avoid everything, slipping, roots, rocks, you name it.  Makes for a tedious down hike.

But… with the leaves down, the views were certainly different and pretty fantastic.

I’m hosting a Beginners winter backpack to Cold Mountain (VA) in January (2018) and have decided to host a Backpacking 101 course prior to that to help those that want to make a winter trip their first backpacking trip, but we’ll see how that goes.  A lot of people sign up, and a lot of people drop or no show.


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