No R E G E R T S!  (I’ve always thought that was pretty funny)

OK, I’ve changed my mind, I’m blaming it on the smoke I had to endure in Mammoth, although it was only for about 12 hrs.  But it was pretty awful. And my hotel did NOT have AC, so I had to sleep with the window open.

Symptoms – rapid heart rate (around 90 while laying in my tent), uncontrollable rapid breathing forcing me to stop on uphills about every 2 minutes or so, absolutely extreme fatigue (but only going uphill?) which used to be my specialty.  I trained long and hard on a 17 degree inclined tread mill with a heart monitor and a target max rate of 160.  I didn’t want to do it for this year, but I felt I owed it to myself (stealing a movie line from somewhere).  So I felt I was in pretty good heart shape (boasting a resting HR in the 40s)

I could stand to loose a few pounds.  My going in wt was 197 (same as the last 5 yrs), coming out weight was 194.  And, I’ll be 66 in a few days. So I’ve got that going for me.  Ah, those lines are from Caddie Shack.

So in review, Arrived in Mammoth about 7pm, caught the bus to lone pine at 7:50 the next morning, so let’s say 13 hrs at 7700′.

Arrived at Horseshoe Meadows about noon and departed the next day at about 1000, so let’s call it – 22hrs at 10,000′.

Reached Cottonwood Lake #1 around 1pm and departed the next morning at 0700 to head over New Army Pass, so that’s 17 hrs at 11,000′.

You know, I don’t think I had enough ‘acclimatization’ at 10,000′.  I really wanted to get 48hrs.  I also think I miscalculated my meals for a 2 day stay at HM.

Here’s why I think it was the smoke.

In 2015 we had smoke when we landed in Mammoth and then again in the afternoons when we climbed Forester Pass, and all the way over Kearsage Pass and into Independence.  EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS!

2016 – no smoke and no symptoms!  Just what I call normal minor altitude sickness (about 1 day) after Pinchot Pass, felt sick around 1400 hrs, we camped early and I was fine in the morning. We were able to stay on schedule.  I would say normal old age slowness and fatigue, it’s a hard hike even without the altitude.

2018 – lots of smoke in Mammoth only, return of the exact same 2015 symptoms in the exact same place!  Fuck, I don’t know. So frustrating.

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