Since starting this blog some years ago, I have since retired, thank God!

I am a retired U.S. Army Officer (Engineer) and retired Chief of Engineering at the Public Works at Ft Eustis, Va.

I started backpacking, not in scouts, but after high school.  First true backpacking was probably at Big Bend National Park, Texas in 1972, and have been backpacking ever since, but really ratcheting it up after I returned from Europe in 2002.

I am an extremely slow hike, but I do love the adventure!

This site is for random thoughts on backpacking,  hiking, mountaineering, and the like, not by the writers of Backpacking, but by a person who had a mortgage to pay and a job to do, spending most of the workday behind a PC, not mountain biking.  Also, skiing and ski-touring, except that I live in Virginia and not Colorado, so any ski-touring is probably history, that and the fact that I’ve always sucked skiing off piste and am getting old anyway.

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